Opened in 1993, Beekman is the second location of Bars and Books. It was a staple of the big cigar bar scene in the 1990's. Beekman's has its own tobacc shop in the back called Max's. If you do like the smoke, Beekman's does have a non-smoking section where can grab a drink and relax. The shop offers an array of carefully selected products such as cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. Beekman's is located near some of New York's more affluent neighborhoods, but still a little away from the most busiest of downtown city blocks. It's a place filled with class and great atmosphere. Music is always playing to keep with the ambiance. The staff is always there to help you with your needs and they are very knowledgeable. The place is properly ventilated so that you can enjoy the joys of smoking without leaving their smelling of it. Beekman's pride themselves on a very immaculate and cozy establishment. The prices are not bad either for Manhattan. The drinks are quite tasty and strong. The private areas are easy to find.

889 1st Ave
New York, NY 10022
(212) 758-6600