The Grand Havana Room is cigar lounge exclusivity at its finest. It’s a private club that sits up on the top floor of the 666 5th Avenue building so you get an amazing view of New York City. It’s for the upscale and wealthy cigar aficionados. They have world-class selection of cigars from the finest of producers. The wine and drink list is top-notch and very strong and delicious. There is amazing service from their wait staff. They bring out all the accessories you need to enjoy your cigar and drinks. They are very eager to help out and make your time nice and relaxing. It’s a great place to have a memorable evening in a classy establishment. A lot of New York’s elite like Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, or Al Sharpton can be found at the Grand Havana Room from time to time. If you can get an invite to the Grand Havana Room, do so, because it’s an amazing experience.

666 5th Ave. #39
New York, NY 10103