Established in 1999, Karma is one of the last bars exempt from the New York smoking ban. Karma is a fun place for all. There is awesome music playing all the time. The patrons of fun loving and the party are always going. It’s a mixed and diverse crowd of people from all over New York and those visiting this great city. Karma knows that everyone, not just smokers, should be able to enjoy their establishment, so they have a state of the art ventilation system installed. The units purifies and sanitizes the air so you can enjoy your cigars, cigarettes, or hookahs, without leaving smelling like it and so non-smokers can enjoy themselves. They want to make Karma as clean of an environment as they possibly can. Come through and experience it yourself. For smokers and non-smokers, come get a drink and have some fun at Karma because the great times never stop.

51 First Ave (3rd/4th St.)
New York, NY