Opened in 1990, Lexington is the third location of Bar and Books over in New York’s Upper East Side by all the amazing shopping districts, Madison Avenue, and Park Avenue. Lexington is a bit more of an upscale spot, definitely for its area. There is a dress code where it’s still somewhat informal, but fashionable attire is requested. Fitting in the area, the motif of Lexington is mature and a bit classy so to be almost an extension of their residence. They have a private room for parties up to 50 people with huge TVs. Lexington Bar and Books is a welcoming and great cigar lounge that fits into the lifestyle of the elite of New York’s Upper East Side, so if that fits your style, go in and have a good time soon.

1020 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10021
(212) 717-3902