Open seven days a week, The Carnegie Club is one of the best in New York's cigar lounges. It's an amazing looking place with tall ceilings and a comfy elegant vibe. It has a bit of a Gothic motif with handmade bookcases filled with a collection of leather-bound books and an amazing fireplace and luxurious furniture. The Carnegie Club is a great place to hold any sort of event of you are looking for that rich, affluent look. Located behind the Carnegie Hall, it's in a great part of New York City. Space can hold up to 150 people, 75 if its a seated event. The Carnegie Club has special events at times like the Frank Sinatra Tribute Show. It's look and ambiance will take you back to another era in New York. One of the few places left in New York that you can smoke at. The staff is always helpful, eager to please with a smile on their face, and will let you have a good time.

156 W. 56th St.
New York, NY 10019